About me

There are thousands of designers around you. Then what makes me different?

At Creatrix, my goal is to provide you with only the highest standard of service when it comes to my offerings.

As a designer, I have had almost a decade of experience working in the aforementioned industries and am extremely adept at the various services that Creatrix has to offer. These include Responsive Web Design, iOS, Android and Desktop based app design, UI/UX consultancy and WordPress Development.

Be aware

It only takes potential customers a couple of seconds after landing on your website to decide whether they want to do business with you?

This is why it is critical not to downplay the importance of how your website looks.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of potential customers and imagine what they would want to read, see and feel when they visit your website. This is where Creatrix comes in. Using my talent, time and extensive experience, I work hard to design your website according to your taste, preference and exact specifications. I also stop at nothing to get it just the way that you want it. Should you request for it? I can also provide recommendations for themes that I believe would appeal most to your targeted audience. When all is said and done, you can’t go wrong with Creatrix.

Do you have any question?

Pixel Perfect Design

Before I do anything, I like to sit down together and find out more about you. I want you to tell us your story – of your company, your product and your audience. And that's how I can turn your story to a visual love that can make love.

Money Back Guarantee

Every project is planned carefule before any designing or development takes place. The main focus here is on the user – to make sure any designs I come up with are accessible, intuitive and functional. Even if you don't like the work.Why should you pay?

Pre & Post Service Support

Most important strategy of my business is, I never forget the clients at the end of the project unlikely most other designers. Feel free to come back anytime with any question related to the project. It's my pleasure to answer.

Mamun Srizon
UX/UI Expert / Entrepreneur

It's me

A freelance UI/UX wizard as well as a Daydreamer who works on the Graveyard Shift to sleep all the day!

A highly experienced and multi-­talented Graphic Designer since 2002 with extensive experience in Website and Mobile Application UI/UX Design (iOS & Android) To know more about my work, review my skills, check out the comments & feedback from past clients and don't forget to see my Portfolio and enjoy my various styles of work.

My skills

UI Design


UX Design


iOS App Design


Android App Design









Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all... good design must primarily serve people.
- Thomas J. Watson

Responsive Web Design

Remember the design for your website that you have mapped out in your head? You’re only a click away from seeing it become a reality. Just let me know  your ideas, and I'm here to make it happen.

iOS App Design

Apple has changed the total human interface (UI and UX) guideline to even cleaner and sharper look. I am here to help you to design an app which one user would love to install on their devices.

Android App Design

Recently released material design made the Android experience awesome. If you're looking for someone who can design your app to kick your competitors ass, there's contact form above.

Web-based App Design

Never underestimate the power of a beautiful app that's easy to use as well. No matter how well coded your app is, if that's hard to use or ugly to see, no one is gonna love it to install on their computer.

UX/UX Consultancy

You already spent a big amount on your website or app and spending on marketing as well but not getting expected revenue? Maybe there's something wrong with the UI or UX. Looking for someone for advice? drop me a line.

WordPress Development

However I do designs but I have some impressive fellow programer who can turn any design to a clean coded website. If you need someone like that, my team would love to help you.

  • Author

    Mamun is fabulous at what he does. He always delivers excellent work, quickly and on budget. He is very talented and puts out very impressive work.

    Dan Greenig

    PHP Programmer at Dent Zone
  • Author

    Mamun would be an asset to any graphic design project. His designs and solutions are top notch, he is always contributing amazing ideas to our projects, and is professional and detail oriented. Highly recommended.

    Shane Smitas

    Serial Entrepreneur & Investor Focused on Payment Systems & Digital Currencies
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